Principal's Message

`Child is the father of man`. The all-round development of the child is, therefore, of utmost importance in order to ensure the proper development of society and that of the nation. A teacher is said to be a nation builder whose field of operation is the school. Hence, it is in the school where the work of nation building commences.
Nav Gian Deep Sr. Sec. Public School has taken up the task of development of the children by providing them quality and value based education in the present age of commercialization. The school lays great emphasis on the development of latent faculties of the students by providing them counseling for choosing the right types of vocational courses suiting their aptitude, it also tries to inculcate in the mind of the student the feeling of creativity coupled with positive attitude in life. As only positive is not enough, the school expects that th4e students should supplement positive attitude with positive action.

The school not only takes keen interest in the development of academic aspect but is also alive to the value of games, sports and co-curricular activities for the multi-facet development of the personality of students. The school encourages students to fully participate in all such activities so as to enable them to give a better account of themselves. The over all objective of the school is to strengthen physical, mental and moral health of the students by providing them quality education so that they may become broad minded, optimistic and ideal citizens of the country.

I invite and welcome all such parents to the school who are interested in the bright careers of their wards and attach more importance to quality education and character building.

Smt. Reema Sharma, M.A. B.Ed.

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